Client Financial Gains for Skye and Lochalsh CAB Clients 2016/2017

Financial Gain

Skye & Lochalsh CAB achieved a client financial gain of £1,7 million in 2016/17

This means that clients gained £16.67 in financial gain for every £1 of core funding that the bureau received.

The bureau in Skye & Lochalsh helped 1007 clients last year, giving advice on approximately 11,000 issues. Those clients were helped with a wide spectrum of advice needs, ranging from benefits to housing; from employment to debt; from consumer issues to utilities; and many more.

The work of our bureau would not be possible without volunteers.   Nationally eighty per cent of CAB workers are   volunteers. There are may ways you can get involved.

You will get 100% support, full training, and your expenses paid.

We are committed to equal opportunities for our workers and clients and welcome volunteers regardless of race,     gender, sexuality or   disabilities.

If you would like more information on volunteering in your local bureau, please phone, drop in or email to request an application form.