Specialist services

Skye & Lochalsh Citizens Advice Bureau offers the following specialist services:

  • Pension Wise – Skye & Lochalsh CAB can offer clients an appointment with a Pension Wise Guidance Specialist.  The service is for people approaching retirement age with a defined contribution pension pot. This is a pension based on how much has been paid into your pot and the growth achieved on those funds over time.
  • Patient Advice Support Service – Our PASS worker works between Skye & Lochalsh Bureau and Lochaber Bureau to explain the NHS complaint procedure and providing the information and advice to help you make a complaint. They can also give lots of helpful information and advice on how to access treatments, accessing your medical records and also can support you if you have to attend meetings with your local NHS health care provider.

Skye & Lochalsh CAB works with various funders to provide this diverse range of specialist advice services.  These services are usually targeted at people in common circumstances or at addressing particular problems and are delivered by a mixture of paid specialists and trained volunteer advisers.